LCD Display Optrex DMC 50777

In december 2013, Instructables published an article Salvaging Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) . The article describes how to reuse the LCD from an old HP laser printer.

Note before: The display model depends on the printer make and model, so use Google for finding details (e.g., the I2C slave address and the registers used for transmitting texts or clearing the display area) for a specific LCD model.

In our junk box, I found a damaged laser printer Lexmark T610 from which I extracted an Optrex DMC 50777 LCD. This LCD was connected by a simple 5-pin terminal. The pins of a similar LCD (DMC 50641) are described in an article of the Arduino forum.

Pin Usage
1 EIRQ (interrupt pin, not used)
3 SCK (serial clock, connected to the Arduino SCL port - Duemilanove: A5)
4 +5V
5 SDA (serial data, connected to the Arduino SDA port - Duemilanove: A4)

The following links provided further details:


  • Dmc50777.h is the Arduino header file that defines the methods of the DMC 50777 library.
  • Dmc50777.cpp is the implementation of the DMC 50777 library.
  • contains this library as zip archive.


  • LedOperations.pde is the Arduino example sketch that uses the DMC 50777 library. It does not produce any text output, but simply controls the LED (switches it off, of, and makes it flash, resp.).
  • RandomTextLines.pde is the Arduino example sketch that produces two lines of random text,
  • build.xml The Ant build file for downloading the sketches to the appropriate sketchbook.

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